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List of the Members of OPEC

After making other lists on multinational organisations I decided to make a list on the countries / members that make up the oil producing multinational organisation of OPEC. So here is the complete list of the Members of OPEC

What is OPEC? | CNBC Explains

The fluctuating price of oil is largely decided by supply and demand and the collective actions of OPEC, an organization that provides 40% of the world’s oil. CNBC's Tom Chitty explains.


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OPECs Indian Bet

Rising US shale oil production has put short-term supply concerns centre stage as the oil market downturn enters its third year. But for OPEC producers, worries about when demand for their crude will peak is only gathering pace and India is in focus.

In recent years, as the growth in Chinese oil demand has slowed down, India is tipped to be the world’s fastest-growing oil consumer over the next two decades.

India's oil demand growth slows down as demand patterns shift




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